History Of The Clown Emoji

Clown_emoji usage1

Clown_emoji usage1

What is Clown Emoji?

  • Clowns can either be harmless entertainment or nightmare-inducing, depending on who you ask. Whatever your perspective, there is a lot happening beneath the surface of this old profession. Over the years, clowns have changed. They are no longer seen at birthday parties. There are films about clowns and even an Emoji for Clowns.
  • Use Clown Face Emojis in situations where you need to denote Circuses and Fun-fairs as well as Parties, Mac-Donalds, and so on. People use Clown Emojis for creepy things or to scare someone (as many people are scared of them). Clowns, however, are entertainers for a long period of time.

Clown Emoji Usage

  1. Clown Emojis can be used to refer back to the movie “IT”. In that Movie, Pennywise, a clown, eats small kids. Clown Face Emojis may also be used when someone is making fun of someone.
  2. It could be used to communicate that the sender/receiver is being childish and “clowning all around” or that a comment shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Because many children have them, it can also be used to refer to their birthday parties. They are so frightening that many people find them terrifying, so it can be used to signify something even more dangerous in certain situations.

History Of The Clown Emoji

Clowns are the focal point of many parades and circuses. However, clowning has a long history. It is possible to trace the history of clowning back to ancient Rome and medieval Europe, as well as North American Indians. Clowns are often seen as extravagant characters who wear outrageous make-up and have big shoes.

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Clown emojis can be found in Unicode 9.0 since the ’90s. Clown emojis were first introduced in Unicode 9.0, June 21, 2016. Unicode 9.0 is the 9th batch of symbols that Unicode Standard has released. Unicode Standard is a character coding system that supports the worldwide display, processing and interchange of the written text of various languages and technical fields of the modern world.

Clown Emoji On Different Platforms

Apple Emojis

Apple devices, such as the iPad and iPhone, Mac, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and Mac, use the Apple Color Emoji font in order to display their characters. Apple Color Emoji is a special Apple color typeface that can be used on Apple platforms. Apple released the Apple Emoji font’s first version in November 2008, along with iPhone OS 2.2.2. It had 471 individual emoji characters.

Google Emojis

Google published the first set of 79 emoji characters back in 2008 with a unique design. These animated symbols were created by Ryan Germick (Susie Sahim) and Ryan Germick (goomoji). Google emojis are now very popular. The multinational conglomerate boasts more than 3,000 emojis available for users to use on stock Android devices, such as Pixel Phones and Gmail Web Interface.

JoyPixels Emojis

JoyPixels is a company that creates Unicode-compliant, custom emoji designs. These can be licensed in digital and consumer products. JoyPixels was previously known as EmojiOne. It is the pioneer in animated emoji and the first independent emoji set. JoyPixels, a full-service provider for emojis, believes in delivering maximum joy via masterful design.

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A clown is a memorable addition to any child’s party. Clowns bring laughter, entertainment, and amazing feats dexterity to children’s parties. Clowns have grown to be so popular that there are even Clown Emojis.

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