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Lime torrent is a well-known torrent director that can be found online. Even though its database and files aren’t as complex or up-to-date as those on other torrent websites, we’ve had much fun using them. No torrent files are stored on this server; instead, you’ll be connected to sites that do. You may download high-quality content via Limetorrents from this site, and it’s been there for a while. It’s easy to get to this torrent website thanks to a variety of different websites.

There is a special verified section on Limetorrents where users can locate all of the verified torrents, and that’s a great feature! Torrent sites like Limetorrents have a large online user base and are generally well-behaved, so it’s less likely that you’ll encounter offensive content.

To use Lime torrents, you’ll need a virtual private network (VPN). Using a fast ToR proxy server, you can access Lime torrents even if your ISP has blocked it. Lime torrents has a few mirrors set up and ready to take over the flow if necessary. There are numerous websites like limetorrents. Asia,, limetorrents.XYZ and many others are available on the internet. Also, take a look at the various Lime torrent proxy sites that are available.

Mirrors and Proxy Limetorrents

The authorities and content creators have long invoked legal power to prevent users from accessing the limetorrents website. When torrent sites are prohibited or blocked, individuals have a hard time finding free content. As a result, many individuals use limetorrents proxy servers to view the content without encountering any issues.

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What is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and How Does It Work?

With a VPN, users can send and receive data via shared or public networks as if they were directly linked to the private network. You can rapidly access Limetorrent sites by using the Limetorrents mirror. Mirror/proxy sites for Limetorrent are available on the internet. Although Limetorrents proxy servers and mirror sites give some privacy protection, users should be aware of this.

Look into employing a VPN service if you want to keep your activities hidden from third parties that might track them online when you log in to a Limetorrent site. That’s not to suggest you have total freedom and can do whatever you want with no repercussions. Even though it’s more expensive, a good VPN provider is always the better option when selecting one. It’s vital that you go with a VPN service with a solid track record in the business.

Alternatives to Limetorrents and related sites


13377x is a well-known torrent service that allows you to download a wide range of media, including movies, software, and games. The torrent website TorrentFreak reports that 1337x has risen to third place in the popularity rankings for the year 2018. Following the demise of KickassTorrents in 2016, it quickly rose to prominence. A redesigned website with new features went live in October of that year. To download everything available on, you’ll need to connect to the BitTorrent network.

It’s simply a problem that watching movies on requires internet connectivity. Almost all internet service providers have blocked this website because of the unauthorised content it publishes.

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ExtraTorrent (often referred to as ET) was a search engine for digital material, including movies, music, and games. It was one of the world’s top five BitTorrent indexes until it was shut down, allowing users to search for, download, and donate magnet links and torrent files to make P2P file sharing easier. ExtraTorrents provided magnet and torrent links for a wide range of files.

The powerful search interface was a standout feature of the torrent site. You couldn’t have missed anything by entering Extratorrents into the search bar.


As a result, Torlock is the most excellent torrent website since it gives the best torrents of TV episodes and movies as opposed to other torrent websites, which are merely an extensive network that shares torrents in a variety of categories, many of which are unverified, slow, or no longer active. As a result, it takes this issue so seriously that it charges consumers $1 for each fraudulent torrent they detect on their site after it has been launched. Using a VPN to hide your behaviour while downloading software, movies, or other stuff is highly recommended by the platform.

According to the site, they have over 6 million verified torrents, so you can be confident you’re downloading precisely what you want. The average download speed was 3.1MB/s.


This particular torrent website went up in 2008. RARBG is an excellent option if you’re a movie buff. This website’s most prominent feature is its superb organisation. There are eight different categories of torrents to choose from. When you upload a file to the internet, be sure the file name and description are both adequately formatted. There is much information on this page so that you will be well-informed about your files. Users will have an easier time locating new releases due to it being more accessible for them to find files on the web.

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Torrent Downloads at High Speed With Kickass Torrents

Using the BitTorrent protocol, KAT hosted torrent files in a directory along with magnet links that promoted peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing. It’s one of the top torrent sites out there, having begun in 2008. More than 10 million new torrents are added every day, and the site has over 1 million visitors per day. Kickass torrent divides torrents into nine subcategories for easy navigation.

This app is incredibly user-friendly and available in a variety of nations. This should be sufficient for you to utilise it as a valid alternative to any Limetorrents mirror site. In addition, the platform is available in 45 different dialects.

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