6 tips to say goodbye to eye bags


It does not matter if you have slept well, you have made up your makeup or you have put on your most flattering lipstick, eye bags have the ability to put that tired look on your face without you knowing how to avoid it. Do you want to solve this problem? We give you 6 tips to end eye bags once and for all.

” You have a bad face, are you okay? “, That question that is repeated when we have bags and our faces seem tired. Stress, bad eating habits or lack of sleep inevitably affect our physical appearance, the skin fades, the bags swell and dark circles take on a darker tone. What to do when the inflammation in the eyes does not want to go away, even after our beauty and facial care routine or the first coffee? Say goodbye at last to your tired face , we tell you how to combat eye bags effectively with these tricks, natural remedies and treatments that will improve your appearance from early in the morning.

Why do bags appear in the eyes?

The bags appear on our face naturally, mainly due to the aging process of our skin. Over time, the muscles and connective tissue that surrounds our eyes and eyelids weakens and the skin loses elasticity.

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The appearance of bags is not only due to aging, but they can also appear during youth due to genetic causes or other bad habits such as excess stress , poor diet or wrong sleep habits. Alcohol and tobacco are also the cause of bags, as they accelerate skin agingand slow down lymphatic flow, causing swelling and fluid retention in the body, also in the eye area. The quality of sleep is also essential to fight against bags, sleep well and the necessary hours is necessary for our skin to be rested and revitalized in the morning.

Does the eye contour cream help to avoid bags?

If you want an inflammation-free eye contour and firm eyelids, you should apply a specific cream with ingredients capable of reducing inflammation, such as cucumber, chamomile or caffeine. The ingredients included in the formulas of traditional creams, such as retinol or hyaluronic acid, are unable to penetrate deep into the skin. The eye creams modified molecules to be able to reach the deeper dermis and fulfill their function also contain powerful layers moisturizing ingredients that are able to maintain the delicate skin of the smooth and free contour of inflammation.

A good choice when buying your eye contour to firm your eyelids and reduce your bags and dark circles is the Isdin k-Ox model. Contains oxidized vitamin K, improves blood circulation to avoid the dark color of dark circles. It also contains peptides to give hydration and firmness to your skin and Crisina, a powerful anti-inflammatory that reduces the appearance of the bags. You can find it on Amazon for € 41.30 and on Sephora for € 47.99

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Say goodbye to bags: clean the eye contour area well

If you are looking to prevent and relieve eye bags, a careful cleaning in the area will always help. To do this, we recommend using delicate products that protect the skin and do not damage the facial skin protection barrier. We recommend a specific cleanser for the area that does not contain alcohol, with an oil base that is capable of nourishing the skin. A good example is the Vichy Pureté Thermal Eye Cleanser . It is enriched with arginine and taurine to awaken the contour skin, improve circulation and combat fluid retention. It is also non-comedogenic, contains no parabens and is dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested. You can buy it on Amazon .

A healthy lifestyle prevents bags under the eyes

The natural aging process of the skin cannot be slowed down only with specific creams. Our health, the state of our body and also of our mind also plays an essential role in our external appearance. A healthy diet, drinking around 2 liters of water a day, avoiding alcohol and tobacco, doing regular physical exercise and resting well are basic factors to show off a skin and a well-groomed physical appearance. Sleeping 7-8 hours a day and keeping stress under control are factors that will make us physically better, inside and out.

Relieve bags with a little massage

With a little massage you can promote blood circulation and get the bags to drain, so that they deflate significantly. Gently press your fingers into the area under the eyes, from the inside to the outside. You can also use a jade roller , the stone will relieve the swelling of the eye bags with its massage. Also, if you put it in the fridge for a while before, the cold will enhance the effect.
You can buy your jade roller on Amazon for € 14.99

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If you are looking for a more effective, powerful and specific care, you can try the Foreo electronic eye contour massage device . Helps reduce bags and dark circles, stimulates the skin, reducing the appearance of crow’s feet, expression lines and wrinkles and facilitates the absorption of serums and creams. You can buy it on Amazon for € 139

The best natural remedy for eye bags

An expert tip that helps reduce inflammation under the eyes without beauty products is tea bags. It is enough to boil two tea bags (black or green tea) and put them in the fridge for a few minutes. Put them on the bags for a few minutes and enjoy their refreshing effect. Theine promotes blood circulation and reduces inflammation effectively. Other products that you surely have at home can also help you combat eye bags: chamomile or cucumber have anti-inflammatory properties that will improve the appearance of your contour and eyelids.

SOS Tip: Cover the bags with makeup

If despite all your efforts you have not been able to eliminate the bags completely, with some makeup tips you can cover them in such a way that they are not visible. Use a concealer that closely matches your skin tone. Stay away from light concealers, they reflect light and will emphasize your bags. Opt for a product that, in addition to covering, is capable of hydrating. Our favorite is Maybelline’s dark circles eraser with Goji berries and Haloxyl. You can buy it on Amazon for only € 6.25 .

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