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If to introduce LUXURY PRO sugaring cosmetics, one must admit that this is the ultimate solution to satisfy your demands when you are going to have your body fully depilated through sugaring wax or some similar cosmetics! This luxurious line is specially originated through the winning mix of the finest organic elements so that ladies could enjoy smooth tender skin feelings.

LUXURY PRO simplifies the depilation process, therefore making it practical, and effortless. Any Luxury Pro sugaring paste from this supplier’s line is fabricated with pure additives and is truly outstanding to get rid of hair in any body zone with no exception! They are all appropriate for every skin, even when it is exceedingly sensitive, and guarantee long-lasting results with low irritation or allergy risk. For this article, we are taking a first-hand insight into the offerings of the brand, reviewing their highlights and exploring why they are so worthwhile for sugaring enthusiasts.

What sugaring cosmetic options are on offer within the LUXURY PRO – THE SUGAR SYSTEM?

The product assortment of the LUXURY PRO brand counts sugaring paste, scrubs, pre-and post-treatment lotions and tonics together with supplementary accessories, all for your enhanced sugaring experience. Now, firstly, there is a guide to the intended function of each type of sugaring cosmetic, ensuring that you experience maximum beauty effects along with the health benefits of the procedure.

Are there any application steps for LUXURY PRO cosmetics?

The initial step is of extreme importance, particularly as it involves applying scrubs and exfoliants from the branded assortment. It is critical to utilize a scrub to prepare the skin ahead of the sugaring procedure. These labelled dry scrubs bearing the green “butterfly” sign showcase signature products manufactured to explicitly apply along with sugar paste. Why does this treatment stage matter? Unlike other generic products being routinely on offer at beauty stores, the scrubs from the LUXURY PRO system contain no additives at all, i.e. oils or moisturizers, that is to say, those leaving an oily residue on your client’s skin. Any moisturizing agents can bring down the “stickiness” of the sugar paste, rendering your efforts more unpracticed. 

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LUXURY PRO cosmetics

These two exceptional sugar scrubs cater to diverse skin requirements. The first one features pieces of apricot seeds and young bamboo extract, making it exceptionally soft and gentle. The gentle exfoliating qualities eliminate dead skin cells, leave then the skin feeling refreshed, and furthermore nourish and hydrate,  thus promoting healthy skin. The second with a slightly coarser texture and infused with ground coffee makes it outstanding for ladies seeking maximum exfoliation. Its supplementary properties improve blood circulation and tighten the skin. These exfoliating properties unclog pores and refresh skin texture.

The subsequent step involves further cosmetic use to gently prime the skin for the sugaring process. It is specifically formulated to eliminate any residue and cleanse the skin after applying scrubs. There are two LUXURY PRO articles on offer here: the first contains Hazel Witch hydrolate, while the second comprises 14% ethyl alcohol. You may wonder why there is alcohol in this product. Well, the answer is unsophisticated – all this for the best results during the sugaring procedure. They successfully eliminate any fatty film, not to mention the natural oils that may be present on the skin, thus “degreasing” it. This step is crucial as it determines the efficacy of the entire treatment. Here is why it is so vital.

The following move is the sugaring treatment alone. This is where we’ll explore what sugar paste is available in the assortment. The first is SOFT, which is recognized for its exceptionally soft texture. However, it requires considerable sugaring skills to handle it effectively. The second, GENTLE, is a delicate and soft paste that is the ideal suit for light and soft hair. The third, ULTRA, is a medium paste that serves nearly all purposes and can be applied to any skin area. After all, the ULTIMA paste is the hardest and is specifically designed for use on the “warmest” skin areas, such as the armpits, bikini, Brazilian bikini, or during warm weather conditions. All these are favoured for use by experienced estheticians or in combination with warm hands to achieve optimal results.

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After finishing a professional skin procedure, it is essential to maintain your skin’s health and radiance. This is where the range of tonics we offer come in handy. They are truly an excellent addition to any skincare routine, as they help to balance the pH of the skin, tighten pores, and provide an extra boost of hydration. Organic hydrolats, such as rose, lavender, and chamomile, are known for their calming properties and help to reduce inflammation, redness, and irritation. They additionally feature a natural aroma that can help to uplift your mood and enhance your overall well-being.

A quick closing word

Ultimately, applying the finest organic ingredients, these LUXURY PRO products simplify the sugaring mainly. The brand has carefully created sugaring paste options, scrubs, pre-and post-treatment lotions and tonics that meet versatile skin challenges. The application steps are handy yet crucial, emphasizing the value of preparation and maintaining the skin’s health post-treatment. Along with these branded cosmetics, sugaring enthusiasts can achieve optimal beauty results and reap the health benefits of the procedure.

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