To stop hair loss it is very important to provide care both externally and internally. Likewise, we must control stress and anxiety levels to take care of it.

Stopping hair loss can be quite a difficult task. The use of specific shampoos and products does not always give us the results we are looking for. For this reason, perhaps the way to eradicate this problem is to modify certain habits.

We are not aware that many of the habits we have are harmful to us and to our hair. Today we will discover 4 of them that will help us to stop hair loss. However, this will only take effect if we put them into practice right away and start making them part of our routine.

4 habits that help you stop hair loss

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Diet is a very important factor in hair loss . If we eat inadequately, consuming pr processed oducts with high percentages of saturated fat, chances are that hair loss is accentuated if you already are suffering.

The best way to start to stop hair loss is to introduce more fruits and vegetables into our diet. The experts recommend 5 pieces of each of these elements. However, we can gradually increase your intake until we reach that “ideal” amount.

The vitamins that both fruits and vegetables have make them a much more effective treatment than any cosmetic product that promises to stop the fall . Let us remember that the way in which we feed affects us.

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2. Use essential oils to stop hair loss

The essential oils not only serve to perfume the house, but can also be used to stop hair fall. Some of the most suitable are almonds, olive or coconut.

These should never be applied directly to the scalp . We must mix them with neutral vegetable oils so that they do not irritate our skin.

Once we have our mixture, we will apply it to the scalp with a gentle massage. We can ask someone to do it for us or we can do it ourselves. This will activate the circulation and not only help to stop hair loss, but will promote its growth .

3. Do not use aggressive products for your hair

Abusing the dyes, using too much gum every day, drying your hair with a flat iron daily … All this will increase the fall. And it is that these products, used excessively and without control, make the hair fragile, dry and very prone to breakage.

In addition, it would be positive to try to find much more friendly alternatives to our scalp , which prevent it from becoming irritated. For example, running away from those that have alcohol, sulfates, or parabens among their ingredients will help reduce hair loss.

Many hair products are sold as natural and free of the listed components. However, it does not hurt that we take a look at the ingredients to verify that this is being accomplished.

4. Free yourself from stress and anxiety

Introducing the aforementioned habits will be a great change for hair loss. However, none of them will remain for a long time if we do not take care of our psychological health.

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Just as we care about our diet and physical well-being, we must also pay attention to our emotions . This will be critical to our overall health.

Anxiety and stress are one of the main causes of hair loss . People who live under great pressure begin to lose hair.

However, this can be fixed. To do this, we can practice  mindfulness, exercise, enjoy a well-deserved vacation or completely forget about work during the weekend.

This is one of the most difficult habits to stop hair loss. Now it is not impossible. Also, reducing stress and anxiety levels will help us feel much fuller and happier.

Do not despair

It is normal for hair to fall out, since it is those hairs that have completed their cycle that are shed to allow new ones to grow. However, when the fall is excessive, density, volume is lost and even alopecia can appear .

We hope that the habits we have mentioned will help you deal with this problem and allow you to eradicate it. Remember that only by being constant will you be able to see the results you are looking for. Is there a secret that has helped you reduce hair loss?

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