8 Tips for Safely Dyeing Natural Curly Hair


Styling curly hair properly may take a little more time than styling straight strands, but the ending result is worth the extra care. And as if lush curls weren’t fabulous enough, adding color to them will make them even more attractive. However, if you don’t dye them correctly, you may damage your curl pattern and the overall condition of your hair. 

If you’re here because you’d like to know how to dye curly hair without damage, we’ve prepared helpful tips for doing just that. While darker shades may be less risky, going lighter may damage your hair if you don’t know what you’re doing. In case you’re clueless, the best option is to visit a professional and let them take care of everything. Messing with bleach and strong dyes yourself isn’t advisable unless you have previous experience in hair dyeing or someone experienced by your side. 

A failed coloring experiment may give devastating outcomes. Curly hair is dryer than straight hair, and although it is often thicker, it is also more porose and prone to damage. Visiting a professional colorist, even if only for the first couple of coloring sessions, can be invaluable. This person can give precious advice about the entire process from beginning to end, and you will be able to see first hand what to do and how to do it. A colorist will advise you on different dye types, different shades and formulations, and maintenance options and treatments. 

Check out these eight tips for safely coloring curly hair: 

1.Never Dye Clean Hair

Don’t wash your hair before you dye it. If you wash it right before the coloring process, you will wash away all the natural oils from your scalp and your roots and leave them unprotected. It may result in a burnt scalp or damaged hair, especially if you use strong dyes or bleach. You shouldn’t wash your hair at least two or three days before coloring. 

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2.Use Home Dye Only for Dark Hues 

If you’re going for a one-dimensional hue at the same level or darker than your natural color, it’s pretty safe to use home dye. However, not every dye is the same so you should make sure you are using something that’s not too aggressive because you can get those darker shades without major damages with the right dye. 

  1. Visit the Salon If You Want to Go Lighter

Probably not the advice you wanted if you came here to find out how to bleach curly hair, but if you intend to go much lighter than your natural shade, you should visit a colorist. Dying curly hair blonde at home is rarely successful. You probably won’t get the shade you’re after because you simply don’t know how to adapt the dye tones to your natural tones. Hair lightening and coloring is a science on its own, and no one will give you prettier blonde curly hair than a professional with lots of experience. 

3.Use Gel or Liquid Instead of Foam

Liquid and gel formulas provide better full coverage compared to foam hair dyes. Foam doesn’t penetrate curly hair as dense as a liquid does, and your color may look uneven or “off.” If you’re doing everything by yourself, it’s best to stick with liquids. 

4.Buy Several Boxes Just in Case 

According to professionals, almost all of their customers underestimate the density and thickness of their hair. You may end up half-colored with no dye left for the rest of your hair at 11 PM, with all the stores closed. To avoid that disaster, stay prepared and buy at least two boxes for your first coloring experiment. Over time, you will distinguish how much you need, but until then – stack up! 

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5.Go Slow and Be Patient 

If you color your hair the right way, you won’t mess up your curls. However, if you lighten your hair extensively in one day, you may damage your hair and “kill” your curls. Once damaged, they may never go back to their natural form. Even the most experienced hair colorists suggest being patient and taking everything step by step. You can’t go platinum blonde in one session without damage – especially if you’re doing it by yourself. 

6.Consider Balayage or Highlights Instead of Full Coverage

Many curly girls choose to go with balayage or highlights instead of full-coverage, especially when they’re going lighter. It’s less damaging for the hair, it requires less product, and it’s easy to maintain. You can go a few months between touch-ups and highlights look fabulous on curly hair. 

7.Deep Condition Regularly

No matter what path you choose, regular deep conditioning is obligatory for dyed curly hair. Color-treated hair needs a little extra love. A potent conditioner with Dead Sea Minerals and Caviar Extract will repair your damaged hair, but it will also protect it from additional damage. It will nourish your strands and retain your hair’s natural moisture.  

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