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If a smile and skin makeover is what you need, choosing makeO is your best bet. This is because it is India’s leading clinical beauty platform which is backed by experts and driven by technology. makeO is the umbrella company that houses toothsi and skinnsi for all your dental and skincare needs.

In 2018, ‘toothsi’ was founded by 4 orthodontists that were pioneers in the industry – Dr. Arpi Mehta Shah, Dr. Pravin Shetty, Dr. Manjul Jain and Dr. Anirudh Kale. They were orthodontists who realised how difficult it was to correct teeth misalignment, how inconvenient braces were and how the whole process was outdated, time-consuming and costly. They also considered how the youth do not opt for braces since it hinders their social life and physical appearance. They wanted to bring about a solution to make this process as easy, efficient, affordable and technologically advanced as possible so the youth could get the smiles they deserved. Today, makeO toothsi, a one stop end-to-end solution for correcting almost all teeth misalignment issues, has designed more than 1,50,000 dream smiles by making it as simple as pressing a button.

You just need to visit the makeO website or  the makeO app and book a scan of your teeth to get started with the correction process and everything from then on will be done virtually or at the convenience of your home. Should you choose, you can avail these services at an experience centre near you. You don’t need to wear ugly braces but instead have 3D printed clear aligners that cannot be noticed, delivered to your doorstep. Through a smile designing software, you can see what your teeth will look like at the end of the treatment, the duration it will take and how much it will cost. This is all dentist and orthodontist backed and monitored and they can keep a track of your progress virtually through the app so you don’t need to visit a dentist or orthodontists clinic every month. This is also more affordable as you can choose to pay for the makeO toothsi clear aligners from a number of payment solutions.

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Keeping this vision of offering your best smile with convenience and ease in a technologically advanced and affordable way, toothsi then expanded to skinnsi offering the best skin you’ve ever had. They named the parent brand makeO, as short for makeover. makeO’s vision is now to become India’s largest clinical beauty technology platform. Provide diagnosis, products and treatments for better teeth, skin, hair and face.

What makeO toothsi does for teeth, makeO skinnsi does for skin. It offers the most technologically advanced, dermatologist backed solutions for age-old skin problems at an affordable price with the convenience of getting your makeover at home or at an experience center near you. skinnsi offers laser hair reduction (LHR), HydraFacial & acne treatment services. At skinnsi, we use modern technology and treatments such as the quadruple wavelength laser that’s equipped with an ice-cool technology to remove unwanted body hair painlessly but effectively permanently. skinnsi offers a bunch of at-home services to ensure that you get the smoothest and clearest skin, comfortably! makeO skinnsi and makeO toothsi both have the complete end-to-end service and it is all done by inhouse experts to prevent any lags in communication or treatment plans.

When it is this easy, convenient, affordable and backed by doctors, choose to look your best. Choose yourself. Choose makeO.

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