Eco-friendly clothing and accessories that are in fashion


Organic fashion is the new trend you should know, an opportunity to contribute to improving the environment with a little gesture. The idea is to buy organic clothing and fashion accessories made without chemicals or pesticides.

Currently society is more aware and more in solidarity with the environment. Every day more ecological recycling is introduced and urban crops and sustainable industries that avoid massive emissions to the ozone layer are supported. The textile sector is an important part of this trend in the production of ecological clothing and accessories.

Global warming, the death of animals and a large number of missing forests have caused these new companies to emerge or to become more ecological and responsible to take care of the ecosystem.

Garments with cotton and other 100% organic materials are becoming fashionable and this is very beneficial for the planet. The textile companies are committed to ecodesign, that is, to continue dressing with style and the most current fashion, but without abandoning the ethical values ​​that are closely linked to nature and the environment.

What are ecological clothing and accessories?

Eco-friendly clothing and accessories are made from natural fibers like linen, silk, cotton or hemp. But what most differentiates them  is the way they are manufactured . No pesticides or other products that harm the environment are used and exhaustive control procedures are followed that consolidate them as ecological garments.

Natural dyes are also sought to paint and color accessories and all their manufacturing in a sustainable way. This new fashion trend is not only beneficial for the environment, but also for people who wear clothes.

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By not  having pesticides or chemicals harmful to the body, the appearance of allergies and skin irritations that are usually directly linked with these products is avoided .

Ecological brands

Here are some of the brands that have started to produce organic clothing. So, if you dare to try the difference, you will know where to go directly without detouring.

  • IDEO. A store that sells fashion and trendy clothing for both men and women.
  • Thinking Mu , another innovative textile brand that  sells organic cotton shirts with positive messages .
  • H&M. The great brand is also committed to launching a line of t-shirts, sweaters and shirts with blue shades dyed with organic dyes.
  • People Tree , commitment to the sustainable and ecological textile sector. The best known face of this brand is the actress Emma Watson.
  • Marks & Spencer. It specializes in men’s textiles and all they make is organic clothing.
  • Intrepida Mu is the first Spanish brand that seeks to market totally organic clothing .
  • Nature. It is also a Spanish firm committed to promoting a sustainable and ecological brand. They also do not use pesticides or toxic elements.

Ecological clothing and accessories

Among the  ecological clothes and accessories that are fashionable when it comes to contributing to a friendlier purchase with nature, we find:

  • Cotton T-shirts with positive messages
  • Scarves and neckerchiefs
  • Sweaters
  • Cowboys
  • shirts
  • Handmade leather bags
  • Wallets and purses

Find out if what you buy is ecological

To know if the next garment you are going to buy follows the guidelines of an ecological manufacture you have to look at the following:

  • Look at the labels of each garment: the certificates of their production must appear.
  • The Skal certificate allows us to know if this garment is free of pesticides and chemical products.
  • Many famous and well-known faces are becoming more aware of this movement. Some promote brands that fit their thinking.
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This new type of clothing and accessories made with these premises free of toxins and pesticides  have become fashionable and are looking for ways to obtain natural materials that have not undergone chemical processes and then weave the garments. This is how we contribute to taking care of the planet.

Go ahead and try and buy ecological clothes and accessories, to put your grain of sand in a more natural world.

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