How to apply makeup if you are over 65 years old: write down these tips!


Exchanging powdered products for cream ones is a wise move. Do you want to know more makeup tips for people over 65? Watch this practical guide!

We have talked a lot about makeup tips on this website, but we have done the truth in general terms or about makeup for mature skin , those over 40 years old . But what happens when you pass the 60-year barrier? Of course, the skin changes. It does not have the same hydration that it had years ago, spots appear on the skin , wrinkles are pronounced … But calm! Age is not an impediment to continue applying makeup and, in addition, you achieve a great result.

You just have to take into account some makeup tips and change your routine in a way: learning what kind of products work best with your skin is essential. If you want to learn how your bases or concealers should be, how to apply makeup or what types of cosmetics it is better to ignore, write down these makeup tips for people over 65 . Take note!

How to apply makeup if you are over 65

The most important thing: prepare the skin before applying makeup

This is the first step that we should all do before we start applying makeup, no matter how old we are. Cleaning and moisturizing the skin before applying the other cosmetic products will make the end result much fresher, brighter and more durable. Without adequate pre-hydration, especially after age 65, makeup tends to crack and look duller.

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Here are some simple steps to prepare your skin before applying makeup:

  • Clean the face with a cotton ball and micellar water . You can also wash your face with water and your usual cleanser.
  • Apply your usual tonic.
  • Then the serum (try to make it hydrating).
  • Next, the eye contour . Apply it by tapping using the ring finger, which is the one that exerts the least force on this sensitive area.
  • Finally, your moisturizer . If it is daytime, try to have a sun protection factor in the event that your makeup base does not have it.

Wait a couple of minutes for the skin to absorb the cream, then we start applying makeup!

The foundation

From this age on, the ideas are to choose a foundation in liquid format and, whenever possible, with a sun protection factor. In this way we will bring more freshness and hydration to the skin. Forget about powdered or mousse bases , as they hardly hydrate and also make wrinkles more noticeable.
To apply the base you can use your own hands, spreading it evenly, or use a brush.

If you want to use a primer , that is, the product that we put before applying makeup to make it last longer, choose one that is hydrating, minimizing pores or whose base has collagen.

How to choose concealer

Again, the ideal would be to use a cream concealer (it is important to heat it before applying it between the fingers) or a liquid format, if possible, containing a serum base . It is important to spread it well in the area of ​​the dark circles to prevent it from accumulating between the folds and between small wrinkles.

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How to make up your eyes if you are over 65

You can actually make up your eyes as you prefer, there is nothing written about tastes! But here are some little tips that can promote the result:

  • Choose shades that match your eye color . Neutral tones are usually a good option: browns, nudes , pinks, grays, beige … Avoid flashy tones such as electric blues or intense greens.
  • Apply the shadow with the help of brushes and blend it well to prevent it from excessively marking the folds of the eyelid.
  • If you have a droopy eyelid, apply light colored shadow in the tear area and on the inside of the eyelid, thus correcting the sensation of drooping.
  • Use eyeliner on the eyelid to mark the eye , but do not use it in the water line of the lower lashes, only above, otherwise it can make your eyes smaller or increase your dark circles if you have them.
  • To fill your eyebrows you can use eyeshadow and, for eyelashes, your usual mask. With a couple of strokes it will be enough, do not abuse the mascara, because you could get the opposite effect : that the eyelashes fall down instead of opening.

Tip : try to mark the eyebrows subtly by raising the arch, in this way you will give amplitude to your look. Also apply an illuminating shade under the eyebrow to further open the look.

Make up your lips if you are over 65

The lips do not have much mystery. It is true that there are colors that tend to favor more, such as nude , light pink or, simply, lip gloss , as they provide a feeling of vitality and freshness to the face. But the truth is that you can also choose red or orange if you want a more powerful look.

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In the case of the lips, the important thing is the previous preparation: exfoliate them first, apply petroleum jelly or cocoa to hydrate them, and then apply makeup to them with the lipstick . This will prevent wrinkles from being marked and they will achieve a more durable lipstick. Hydration is essential!

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