How to Create the ‘Surfer Curtains’ Hairstyle That’s Trending All Over TikTok

Surfer Curtains

Surfer Curtains

TikTok is officially the best place to see the latest and greatest hairstyles. From celebrity stylists with their own accounts to users getting creative with their own looks at home, there’s certainly no shortage of inspiration, instruction or tips. Since beach-inspired hair and long, flowing bangs have been trending lately, it’s no surprise that TikTok has come up with a signature hairstyle that brings the two elements together. It’s called “surfer curtains” and it’s a look you’ll want to try even before summer comes back around next year. Here’s a look at the ultra-cool hairstyle, how to get it and more.

What is the ‘Surfer Curtains’ Hairstyle?

First off, you should know what this style actually looks like! The surfer curtains style is a play on curtain bangs, which is one of the year’s most popular hairstyles for women. Curtain bangs are elongated side-swept bangs that taper off as they move down the face, presenting a flattering shape that is reminiscent of theater curtains being drawn open to reveal a stage. 

On the other hand, surfer curtains take the curtain bangs trend to the next level. While it’s always nice to see new hair trends dressed up to the nines for red-carpet events, it’s good to have a low-maintenance, more relaxed styling option as well. This is essentially what surfer curtains are to curtain bangs. Instead of a perfectly coiffed look, surfer curtains utilize professional texture hair products and a bit of messiness to best achieve the desired look. 

The best part? Surfer curtains is a style that just about anyone can rock! As long as your hair is roughly chin length or longer, a stylist can help you create a killer set of surfer curtains. That means that guys can absolutely get in on this trend, too! In addition to researching and making a mood board of beachy, salty hairstyles you love, check out these helpful tips to create and style awesome surfer curtains. 

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How to Create the Surfer Curtains Hairstyle

Creating this look is all about adding dimension and layers in just the right places. If you’re a stylist looking to perfect the execution of this style, it’s rather simple! Start by consulting with your client and deciding on the final look. Make sure to discuss details like how long they would like the face-framing side sections of hair to be as well as if they prefer layering throughout the hair or not. This hairstyle is great because it’s both versatile and customizable, but because of that, it’s important to lock down the details with your client before you start the cutting process. 

This hairstyle looks great with long layers in the back sections to really emphasize the beachy, windblown look. When cutting the curtain bangs themselves, consider leaving them extra long and taking time to layer each section down the side. You might choose to work with dry hair on this section to get a better idea of how the hair falls naturally on the sides of the face. Cut the curtain bangs on each side of the face and then check the work you have done so far. It’s a good idea to leave these layered sections a tiny bit longer on the sides when straight because the surfer curtains hairstyle commonly includes beachy waves created by a curling iron, rod or waver. When finished, the look should have dimension, movement and lots of texture! 

Styling and Maintaining the Surfer Curtains Look

Perhaps the very best part about the surfer curtains look is that it looks great with even the most minimal styling routine. Any messy look is going to look even better when the hair is healthy, so your routine should start with a good maintenance program. Be sure to use a professional shampoo and conditioner as well as a heat protectant before styling with hot tools. Though this style is quite forgiving when it comes to bad hair days and lazy styling, be sure to head to the salon for regular trims to keep the hairstyle in tip-top shape. 

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When styling, you can either let the hair air dry or blow dry it for a more sleek look. Take advantage of professional hair styling products like texture spray and wave-enhancing mist to maximize those beach vibes. For an even more defined look, twist sections of hair around a large curling iron. Run your fingers through the curls to break them up and create your own beachy waves to enhance the surfer curtains. 

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