How to pluck your eyebrows: the definitive manual for perfect brows


The eyebrows are one of the areas of the face that is gaining more prominence. And is that well defined and plucked eyebrows change the look a lot. Discover with us how you can have perfect eyebrows step by step.

The eyebrows and eyelashes are two of the areas of the face that is becoming increasingly popular among women. Having plucked eyebrows and wearing beautiful lashes gives the face a better appearance. That is why many treatments such as false eyelashes or microblanding have been increasing during this time. You can go even without makeup and wear the so-called good face effect. We teach you how to do the eyebrows step by step and how you can keep it at home later. So stay tuned for eyebrows like the famous ones!

When it comes to highlighting such a beautiful area of ​​our face as our eyes are, not only do you have to settle for a well-made makeup or a good dose of mascara , but it is very important to maintain beautiful and well-groomed eyebrows . After all, they are the facial feature that frames your gaze! For this reason, it is essential that we always try to wear them perfectly shaved and trimmed , choosing their shape to also be able to completely define our facial expression.Now, this isn’t always easy, so owning a well-lighted mirror is the first major step. Take a look at and you’ll find the best vanity mirrors of 2020.

How to prepare eyebrows for hair removal

The first thing before plucking your eyebrows is to take care of and prepare your face. If you prepare it well you will avoid skin problems and also help hairs to come out much earlier.

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Hot water: the first thing is to wash your face well with hot water before waxing as the pores open and the hairs come out much more easily.
Density: if you have little hair do not take more of the account, and leave it too thin. The beautiful thing is to show off bushy but well defined eyebrows. The finer it will appear that you have much less expression on your face.
Redness:Almost everyone has skin irritation when plucking their eyebrows. The face area is one of the most sensitive. Hair removal treatments even with tweezers or thread can be quite delicate for the skin. Keep in mind that if you have something to do then you will have redness in this area.

Types of hair removal for eyebrows

Choose the right hair removal for you: depending on the type of skin and eyebrow you can choose different forms of hair removal. These are the most common:

  • Waxing with tweezers: it is a very comfortable technique that we can do ourselves at home. Above all, we usually use them to remove those hairs that are growing little by little. So we can continue to wear beautiful eyebrows every day. Ideally, if you have enough practice, use this technique since it is painless and will not leave you as much redness as others.
  • Waxing: It is one of the most common hair removal treatments. When removing hair from the roots, many women opt for this alternative. Although it is true that if you have somewhat sensitive skin we recommend that you avoid it, since you can get spots on your skin.
  • Hair removal with thread: it is one of the hair removal trends for the face that has become a beauty trend. It is very comfortable and almost nothing hurts. In addition, it removes hair from the root and you will not have to go through the uncomfortable wax.
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How to pluck your eyebrows step by step

If it is the first time that you pluck your eyebrows, you are not sure what kind of shape favors you. In general, it is recommended that the natural shape of the eyebrow be respected but well defined. These are the forms that would favor you the most according to your face. Once you know what type of eyebrows are the ones that favor you, you must identify where the eyebrow begins and ends. This is important because this way you will not remove any hair from more or less. That’s why you should mark your eyebrows before plucking and follow these simple steps:

  • Mark the pirmer point of the eyebrow by crossing an imaginary line from the nose to the end of the eyebrow.
  • Once you have touched the brow area, mark a point.
  • To mark the second point, cross the same line again but this time from the nose to the iris.
  • The last point you must mark from the nose to the tear area until it touches the eyebrow, and mark it.
  • The next step before plucking your eyebrow is to comb it well so you don’t get confused by any hair.
  • Then it is time to shave and shape depending on your face.
  • The important thing is that you do not remove much hair, since it is very fine eyebrows do not look quite right.
  • Once you have shaped the eyebrow, comb them back and trim the excess hairs a little with scissors. Especially those in the area closest to the eyebrows, which grow much longer.
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Straight eyebrows

Straight eyebrows dominate social media. In Korea they have been a trend for a long time and many beauty bloggers appear more and more with this type of eyebrows. What makes them special? Its straight shape. With them you have to pay special attention to the thickness of the hair so that the look looks natural . If you do not have bushy eyebrows, you can always resort to small tricks, such as giving them more volume by filling them with a specific pencil or gel for eyebrows.

Rounded eyebrows

Rounded eyebrows are the closest to natural hair growth. If you have this shape and want to keep it, its maintenance will be very easy . If this is not your eyebrow shape but you want to get it, you should know that it especially favors angular faces , because it helps to soften the features. For this look it is very important to avoid making a pronounced arch, so that it looks natural.

Arched eyebrows

The arched eyebrows are the most frequent. This type of eyebrow gives the face a point of attention and, therefore, it is ideal for round faces . Those of you with the most angular face can also try this shape, but so that the eyebrows do not attract too much attention, you should comb them out a little. If you want the result to be natural, it is best not to make a very pronounced arch.

Angled eyebrows

Angled eyebrows have a much more pronounced arch compared to arched eyebrows. This shape makes the features of the face appear more defined. But be careful, for those of you who have very marked or sharp features, it is preferable to avoid this shape because it would accentuate and harden your features even more.

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