Tips for sleeping better at night


Struggling to get a good night’s rest? Waking up in the middle of the night can be especially frustrating and cause some anxiousness. If you find yourself doing this more frequently than usual though, it may be worth looking into other factors such as hormone levels that could possibly affect your sleep pattern. Let’s make sure we’re getting adequate shut-eye so our brains and bodies have time to recharge for another busy day ahead! If you need more help, look here –

Progesterone levels can affect our sleep, with fluctuating amounts causing more frequent and longer wakefulness. What’s interesting is that you may find yourself waking up at the same time each night – like clockwork! This could be your body telling you it needs to rebalance blood sugar after a long day of activities or hormone changes due to life stages such as pregnancy or menopause. If this sounds familiar then it might help to pause and check in on any dietary habits that increase risk for low-blood sugar.

Take charge of your sleep health! 

There are a few simple lifestyles tweaks you can make to turn sleepless nights into well-rested mornings. Cutting down on caffeine and alcohol late in the day, trying out different temperatures for your bedroom environment, as well as avoiding drinking liquids before bedtime – provide yourself with every opportunity to catch some z’s tonight!

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Sit up!

Don’t let stress or anxious thoughts keep you down! The power of simply sitting up – this simple action can bring back your rational mind and give perspective on problems that felt overwhelming when lying in bed. Once you’re upright, those worries may not seem like such an important deal after all. 

Write it down!

If you’re having trouble nodding off at night, a simple solution may be to curl up with your favorite pen and paper. Keeping a journal next to your bed as an effective way of releasing any worries or anxieties from the day that might prevent restful sleep. It could provide just the mental relief you’ve been searching for!

Say no to screens!

Dive into dreamland without any screens! According to experts, screen time before bed signals alertness and stress. Cortisol levels can be affected too, yes, even by a few moments of scrolling on your phone! So put away the tech. A good night’s sleep is just around the corner!

Crate calm around you!

Achieving a peaceful slumber may seem impossible in our chaotic lives, but it is possible! To start cultivating calm and set yourself up for success before bedtime, try setting the scene. Create a calming atmosphere with an adjustable LED lamp or if you need complete darkness there are sleep masks. If even those don’t do the trick, some weighted options will virtually force your eyes to stay closed! Apps such as Calm have guided meditations specifically designed to lull you into sweet dreams.

Stay awake!

As much as it’s tempting to stay snuggled up in bed, sometimes the best thing you can do is get up and start your day – especially if you woke only an hour or two before. That way, instead of trying (and failing) to go back asleep when we’re not tired anymore, why not try something calming like journaling or meditating? For a more mindful approach for jump-starting your morning routine.

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