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The saying ‘Old is Gold’ never goes out of style. Old books, old movies, television shows or even video games are gold standards of good entertainment. But it’s difficult to access them easily until the availability of TorrentDownloads which is becoming very popular nowadays.

Gone are the days when people would share their books, movie VCRs or gaming CDs with friends physically. The internet has made sharing possible between two people who do not know each other. Torrents for Dummies:

Torrents are a small part of a file that can be downloaded through the internet. In this mechanism, a person will possess a file that can be shared with many people. Suppose ten people access that data; they can share it with others as a small part of the file.

The third person will receive small parts of the file from 7 different people who are readily available to share the information at a given time. This reduces the bandwidth usage burden from 1 person alone and is distributed by seven different people. Thus, file sharing is simplified.

Meaning of torrents:

  • Torrent is a file-sharing mechanism through the internet.
  • It is a file that contains information in the form of an index.
  • The index includes file name, file size and folder structure.
  • This data helps to identify other sources of the required data that’s available using the torrent client.
  • Computers start networking to access the required content through torrents.
  • The computers can download and upload content at the same time.
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Benefits of using torrents:

  • Torrents are beneficial to share files that are large through online sources.
  • It is convenient and takes less time as the bandwidth is distributed among different sources.
  • They do not overburden a single server with all the required content.
  • Advanced types of equipment are not required to download content.
  • Low bandwidth can also be used to download files fast.
  • Downloading becomes faster when there are many users linked to the same torrent.
  • One can access a good torrent site for obscure and forgotten books, movies, shows or games.

Downloading torrents – how to?

  • Install a torrent client in your desktop or laptop. e.g. BitTorrent, uTorrent
  • Download torrents from any popular site like Torrent Downloads- which definitely worth to try! Open the downloaded torrents using the torrent client.
  • Once the client is installed, the torrents will open automatically and You can view the file that you have downloaded.

Working of torrents:

  • A torrent file consists of data that helps the torrent client access information.
  • The file contains magnet links.
  • The magnet links help identify torrents in the client torrent network.
  • A line of characters makes up a magnetic link.
  • This magnetic link provides information that will help a client torrent collect required data from the network.
  • By accessing data from different sources, a person can download the desired content.

Terminologies related to torrents:

  • For those who have not used torrents before, it will help learn some of the popular terms used in sites that provide torrents. These include:
  • Client: A program or online service software to help download and access torrents.
  • Seed: Sharing of files. It’s the number of people sharing the full size of the file.
  • Peer: A person who does not have access to the entire file and downloads it from a seeder.
  • Leech: A person prone to downloading content. But does not share any content by uploading as well.
  • Tracker: A server that helps users identify each other for file sharing purposes.
  • Swarm: Different people who download the same content at the same time.
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Special features of Torrent Downloads:

  • Torrent Downloads is such a  good torrent site for the obscure and forgotten titles in different categories like movies, television shows, books and games.
  • It has a vast number of users, amounting to approximately 5 million.
  • The download speed of Torrent Downloads is good at 2-3 MB/s provides a quick search option to find the required content.
  • Torrent Downloads boasts of a huge variety of Asian origin content in its library.

Torrent Downloads mirrors:

This site has been under the government scanner for its content. Therefore, using mirrors help one access content from its library. Some of these mirrors are:


Certain countries have blocked the use of this site. The mirrors can be used to download content. However, it is advisable to use a Virtual Personal Network to avoid divulging one’s IP address.

The danger in downloading torrents:

  • Torrents are not illegal. But certain caution is better to download torrents from a prominent site.
  • One can be attacked by adware, malware or spyware if the source of the torrent is infected and should avoid downloading material that has copyright while using a client torrent.
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) can interfere if the content is copyrighted. The ISP could disrupt the activity of downloading by decreasing the browsing speed.
  • One should use this torrent website for getting the uncertain and not remembering the titles. One must try the site of  Torrent Downloads instead of looking for the latest releases on less popular sites.
  • It is advisable to download torrents from a site that has many users in its networks as this ensures better download speed.
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Ways to tackle ISP issues:

The option of Usenet, as opposed to torrenting, can help search and download content more safely. Usenet is a paid service after its initial trial period.

Working of VPN:

  • A Virtual Personal Network camouflages one’s IP address by redirecting the IP address to another location.
  • The VPD helps maintain the anonymity of its user.
  • The Internet Service Provider cannot track a VPN users’ IP address.
  • A VPN encrypts data downloaded during torrenting making it difficult to identify the source.
  • Paid VPNs work better than free versions.

There are different sites other than TorrentDownloads that help download torrents. Each site has its positioning. Some sites provide rankings of trending torrents. Other sites segregate content in different genres. At the same time, some provide only one format of content.

Therefore, a person must do proper research to choose the site wisely. One need not worry about legal complications as individual users are not ban for using torrents. The problem occurs when the site has malware links.

Some good torrents sites will have advertisements that may display as annoying pop-ups. But they are any day safer. After all, these are revenue earning mechanisms. This minor inconvenience is manageable. Problematic to eradicate unless one pays for premium content.


Torrent Downloads is 2010 foundation. This decade-old site has provided a variety of content which is why it has a large number of users in its network. The USP of Torrent Downloads is it is a good site for watching the uncertain titles.

There’s nothing illegal about using torrents because this process is generally to access data that do not have a copyright. It is a convenient file sharing medium between anonymous peers. Go ahead and make entertainment more fulfilling with torrent downloads.


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