10 Hacks for Taking Makeup On-the-Go

Makeup On-the-Go

Makeup On-the-Go

We have all been there: rushing out the door to an interview, work, a date, or brunch with your friends. Between picking out the perfect outfit and making sure our hair is flawless, makeup can sometimes get lost in the shuffle, forcing us to do it on the go. 

And everyone knows that doing your makeup on-the-go isn’t the same as being able to sit down in front of your vanity and apply each element perfectly. However, taking makeup on-the-go can be made so much easier and efficient with a couple of techniques and tips, which we will be sharing with you today. 

These tips that allow you to take your makeup on-the-go can also be applied to your mid-day touch up routine. Whether you’re on a flight, in your Uber, on the bus, or at the office, these tips will help you get the most flawless makeup look on-the-go using vegan beauty products you love.

Hacks for Taking Makeup On-the-Go 

If you apply these tips to your on-the-go makeup routine, you will be able to do your makeup just about anywhere! 

  • Don’t Forget to Prep Your Face

One of the most critical and important steps in applying makeup — whether you’re on the go or not — is prepping your face with products like a hydrating moisturizer and primer. Whether you prep your face before you leave the house or while you’re on the go, you don’t want to miss out on this crucial step that has the possibility to dramatically affect the way your makeup looks. 

  • Get a Makeup Bag That’s Compact and Portable


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The first step to making your makeup easier to apply on-the-go is investing in a makeup bag. This bag should be compact yet still able to hold all of your favorite vegan and cruelty free makeup. This bag should be able to fit in your backpack or purse without taking up too much room. To ensure that you never leave your house without your makeup must-haves, if you can, try to keep your on-the-go makeup in your travel bag to eliminate the possibility of leaving your brow pen or mascara behind. If you’re in a hurry, it’s easy to make mistakes and not pack some products. 

  • Invest in a Compact Mirror You Love

Since you will be applying your makeup on the go, you need to make sure the mirror you have on hand allows you to apply your makeup in a precise manner. While you may not be able to control things like lighting and environment — two aspects that are critical to ensuring your makeup is applied perfectly — your compact mirror should give you all you need to achieve the best application. 

  • Create Your Own On-the-Go Palette 

If you want to keep down the number of palettes and compacts that you pack in your makeup bag, you can invest in a magnetic palette. These palettes allow you to stick to your favorite blushes, eyeshadows, bronzers, and more by relocating them to their own metal pans. This allows you to use one palette with all of your favorite makeup, saving you space and having to juggle multiple products. 

  • Try Multi-Use Products

If you want to save space in your on-the-go makeup bag while also making sure you have a product for every part of your face, try multi-use products like a lip tint that also serves as a cheek stain or blush. These products make it easier to pack a makeup bag that isn’t too crowded.

  • Use Travel or Sample Size Products

When you’re getting clean beauty monthly boxes, do you save the trial-size products for use? If not, you should be! Sample-size products will not only fit nicely in your makeup bag, but they make the perfect portion to take on the go. Plus, if you somehow lose these samples in the shuffle of your everyday life, it’s less of a risk since they were samples and not full-size products. 

  • Establish a Makeup Routine 

Do you have a makeup routine that you follow every day? Or maybe you have several different makeup routines that are based on certain occasions — one look for work, another for going out, and maybe one that’s on the more subtle side. If you find yourself needing to quickly do your makeup, maybe you should develop a quick routine that lends itself well to being on the go. Having this routine in place will also help you easily identify which products you need to include in your makeup bag. 

  • Go for a Natural Look 

If you find yourself in a hurry all the time and your makeup is the last thing on your mind, but you still want to have a polished and flawless look, try wearing products that enhance your natural skin. Products like tinted moisturizer and brow wax are easy to apply on the go and don’t require much precision or perfection to create a look that’s stunning. You can always top off your natural look with a subtle pop of lip color. 

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  • Pack Cleaning Products

Sometimes, our makeup doesn’t turn out as flawless as we intend for it to — especially when we are in a hurry or on the go. If you have room, make sure to keep cleaning products like environmentally friendly, reusable cotton swabs or reusable or biodegradable makeup wipes. These cleaning products can help you in a pinch if you need to start your makeup over or correct a winged eyeliner mistake. 

  • Get Some Natural Light When You Can

Whether you’re in the car or on the train, if you can get some natural light while applying your makeup on the go, you will benefit from creating a look that is flawless. Applying makeup in natural light is way better than bathroom or office fluorescent lighting. 

Next time you’re doing your makeup on the go, think about how much easier your life would be if you implemented these makeup hacks! Thank us later!

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