Summer Makeup Tips

Summer Makeup Tips

Summer can be a lot of fun, but it also means that your makeup has a very high chance of getting runny and gross. If you want to avoid this horrifying scenario, then you have to check out these excellent makeup tips that will help you achieve a flawless look during all your summer outings. These tips will help you look gorgeous, even when it is hot and annoying.

Tip One: Moisturize Your Face:

Due to the heat, your skin will lose a lot of water during the day. This is why you have to moisturize your face early in the morning. . This is one of the essential makeup tips for the summer. Using a gel-based oil-free moisturizer is the best idea during the torrid summer months. It will give you constant protection and will also protect your skin from signs of ageing.

Tip Two: Remember to Apply Sunscreen:

In the summer, going out without applying sunscreen is just unthinkable. You have to protect yourself from the harsh UV rays, which can result in skin cancer. Make sure you apply makeup only after you have fortified your skin with good sunscreen – something that is SPF 30+++ and above. If you are required to stay out for a long time, you should go for a sunscreen that is 50 SPF and more.

Tip Three: Use Sheer and Nude Shades:

Dark colours look amazing, but they can be cumbersome and irritating during the hot summer months. Also, dark colours are more noticeable when they start to get runny. That is why most makeup artists recommend using sheer or nude shades during the summer months. Sheer and nude colours are also subtle, which means no risk of you overdoing it. Nude makeup is just ideal for summer!

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Tip Four: Try Waterproof Makeup:

If you are someone who sweats easily, you should look into the waterproof makeup varieties available online and offline. It is an excellent idea to invest in a long-term product that you will be able to wear for a day at the beach or the swimming pool. These products are all sweat-proof as well, making them perfect for summer. No more worries about runny makeup while you’re having fun!

Tip Five: Go for a BB Cream:

Instead of applying three different products, it makes sense to invest in a good BB cream during the summer months. BB creams triple as a moisturizer, a concealer as well as a sunscreen. It will help you while you are applying makeup, and it will also protect your skin from the sun and the heat. It will also help you achieve a dewy skin look which is very attractive during the summer months.

These have been the five MUST follow tips for applying makeup during the torrid summer months. You can now look gorgeous on summer dates, even if it is hot and annoying outdoors. Make sure to protect yourself with proper sunscreen!


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