4 remedies and exercises for tired feet


After the whole day, the feet may resent being for many hours standing or sitting. If it is hot, they swell, but otherwise, they cool us down. Sometimes we cannot feel our feet relaxed and comfortable when night comes. Fatigued feet are one of the most frequent complaints that people suffer after days like these.

In this article, we suggest some simple home remedies and exercises for when you have tired feet. In addition, these keys will allow you a better rest and general relief. In this way, you will be able to rest better at night.

Foot baths

Foot baths with very hot water are an ancient remedy that helps to relax tired feet . In addition, according to popular beliefs, they relieve headaches, eye strain and other pain, in part probably due to the vasodilation and relaxation it generates.

Also, according to popular recipes, we can add baking soda  or  sea ​​salt . To prepare the bath for tired feet, these steps should be followed:

  1. First, we will mix two tablespoons (30 grams) of baking soda or salt in the water, which will be as hot as we can handle.
  2. Then we will stick our feet in for at least half an hour .
  3. Finally, if we notice that the water is cooling, we can add more hot water.

Shower at alternate temperatures

A quicker way to relax and deflate tired feet  is to take a shower and alternately apply very cold water and hot water below the knee.

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  • We can be 20 seconds with each temperature and we will repeat it, at least, five times.
  • We will always end with cold water.
  • We will dry and warm the feet well.

Surely we will feel a slight tingling throughout the area. In any case, it will be a pleasant tingling, which will indicate a change in regional circulation.

Oil massage for tired feet

This massage is very relaxing if someone else can do it for you. However, you can also do it yourself. It is very important to first rub your hands well to warm them up .

We will use a little vegetable oil to improve the feeling of the massage. It can be almond oil (it has anti-inflammatory properties ), sunflower oil ( partially proven anti-inflammatory properties ), olive, coconut, etc.

  1. The first part of the massage will be gentle , massaging the entire sole of the foot, the upper part, the ankle and even the lower part of the calves with both thumbs. We will make small circles with our fingers, but without exerting too much pressure.
  2. The second part of the massage will follow a similar path, but with more pressure from the fingers. At some points we may notice pain or discomfort, but later the relaxation will be greater.
  3. We will especially insist on the entire inner edge of the foot .
  4. We will finish the massage by dragging the knuckles with force from the heel area to the beginning of the toes and inserting the fingers of our hand between the toes of each foot. This last step is done to gently separate the toes, which are usually shrunken from wearing shoes that are too tight and from badly supporting the feet.
  5. After the massage, we will remove the rest of the oil with an absorbent paper and we will wrap the feet well to keep them warm.
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Exercise with a ball

You only need a ball to do this simple and practical exercise. It can be a tennis ball, or one that dogs use to play .

The important thing is that the ball is hard, so that we can step on it without it breaking. You have to be careful not to hurt yourself. This exercise is similar to receiving a foot reflexology session and helps us to soften the tensions of the whole body.

How is it done?

  1. We will put the ball on the ground and, while we are standing, we will step on it with one of the feet, trying to press on all the areas of the sole of the foot, insisting on those that hurt the most. We must make sure that we pass the beanbag all over the plant.
  2. Then we will repeat the exercise with the other foot.
  3. When we finish, we will stand and immediately notice that the sole of the foot has become very relaxed.


In conclusion, here are some simple natural remedies to ease tired feet and help you relax. In no case will these remedies be substitutes for the proper diagnosis and medical treatment . Therefore, if your pain does not subside or worsens, we recommend going to the specialist.


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