Best Indoor Sports To Play To Stay Fit In Winter

Indoor Sports

Indoor Sports

Even if it is winter and the rain is coming down, there are still so many sports to be able to play indoors. So there is no excuse to not be able to stay fit during the winter months. Listed below are a few of the indoor sports you can partake in if you are keen to stay fit and able and get that summer body that you want.


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Volleyball is an extremely popular sport all around the world and is a great way to stay in shape. The sport was invented around 1895 in Massachusetts, derived from other sports such as badminton and tennis. It requires a lot of dexterity to be able to compete at a competent level. Being able to lunge and jump for the ball while keeping it off the ground is no easy task but with practice, it can become a richly rewarding sport that keeps you fit, all while staying indoors. It is also a great team sport where you can develop friendships and camaraderie. 


Bowling is a vastly underrated sport. The game requires an immense amount of precision and skill and leads to a sense of achievement. The game keeps your mind and body active, as you need to hone your skills in order to knock down the pins and get the best score. Like the other sports on this list, the game requires a lot of practice so if you want to be on a team then you need to get out there and perfect your game. The other good thing about bowling is that you can play by yourself without having the watchful eye of your opponents and teammates as you play. Being able to play alone and undercover means that you can get to a level you would otherwise have not thought possible. 

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If you are going to bet on the NBA playoffs then is a good time to get out on the court and make sense of how the pros play. Staying fit is important if you want to compete in the game so regular exercise is important for basketball. Like volleyball, it requires a lot of upper and lower body strength and involves you having to stop quickly. If you want to make those three-pointers or even learn to dunk, then practice is the key as well as body maintenance and a good diet.


There are many gyms around the world that have a boxing ring and it is an invigorating experience to get into the ring with an opponent and battle. This sport requires finesse and determination, which can be achieved only through practice and self-reliance. No one but you can bring it to the table. Therefore, it is imperative to be in top shape if you want to achieve any sort of success in boxing. It is a formidable sport which is why it is divided into classes. Depending on your fighting style, you can also be classed into different divisions. So it is not just about the physical aspects of the sport, which is important, but also the psychological.

No matter how you choose to stay fit this winter, there is no shortage of great sports out there that you can join. Visit your local recreational center and see what they have on offer. You might surprise even yourself and find a new sporting passion that you never knew about before.

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