Tips to correct fine and brittle hair


It is important not to mistreat our hair with chemicals and protect it from excess heat. Likewise, we must apply masks regularly, in addition to having a healthy diet to nourish it from the inside.

Fine and brittle hair tends to suffer more than other seasonal changes, stress, upsets, pollution, poor diet and other external factors. That is why it also requires specific care to provide softness, shine and volume.

In this article we share some tips for you to take care of your fine hair naturally, taking into account aspects such as shampoo, masks, brushing or foods that nourish it from the inside.

Use a natural shampoo

People with strong, thick hair often don’t notice the negative effects of conventional shampoos. However, those with fine hair that breaks easily should carefully choose the products.

We recommend using organic shampoos, made from natural products such as essential oils, glycerin, coconut oil , saponaria, etc.

If we do not have dry hair, we can also wash our hair with baking soda and vinegar , which is possibly the most natural, economic and ecological method, although it should be more than once a week.

Another option is ghassoul , a Moroccan clay that is used for both hair and skin and is excellent for all types of hair, since it respects the pH of the scalp and regulates oil naturally.

If we start using natural shampoos, the first days we can notice different hair but, little by little,  the pH will normalize and we can keep the hair clean for a longer time.

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Put on masks

If we have fine and brittle hair we need to give it an extra hydration. In addition to always using a conditioning product, at least once a week we should use a nourishing mask.

We can buy a mask based on natural ingredients or use one of the following products, independently or combined with each other:

  • Yogurt.
  • Avocado.
  • Honey.
  • Sesame oil.
  • Egg yolk .

If we prepare our own hair mask we must apply it before using the shampoo , and then remove the remains of the mask from the head well and that there is not too much fat.

Once a month we can also apply a henna mask . We can use henna even to dye our hair, since it is the most natural and effective dye that exists. There are also neutral hennas that simply strengthen the hair without coloring it.

Brush every night

It seems like a remedy from the grandmothers who recommended brushing the hair every night to strengthen it and give it shine, but the truth is that this advice has a logic:  brushing improves blood flow and distributes the sebum that forms at the root throughout all hair , which gives it a lot of shine.

We recommend that you do it daily with a natural wooden brush with boar bristles.

Don’t mistreat it

In addition to avoiding conventional shampoos, you should also limit or dispense with hairdressing treatments that are too aggressive for the scalp, such as dyes or permanent hairstyles.

Yes, we can opt, from time to time, for a more natural treatment, based on products such as keratin, that help us strengthen hair and give it volume.

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Nurture it from the inside

In all natural treatment we must act outside and inside so that it is complete and effective.

We propose three essential foods for good hair health:

  • Brewer’s Yeast : Excellent supplement for skin, hair and nails. It helps us strengthen hair and prevent it from falling out.
  • Flax oil : Rich in fatty acids, this oil provides shine and nutrition to our hair.
  • Organic silicon : Organic silicon acts on the structure of our hair to give it thickness and volume, while improving the firmness of our skin.
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