How to use and prepare onion juice to grow hair


If you want to be able to grow hair easily, there are several  natural remedies for hair, such  as the use of onion for hair that has many properties and benefits for both the body and hair. Let’s see below how to use and prepare onion juice to grow hair.

The properties of onion juice for hair

Thanks to its components, especially sulfur , which the onion presents in large quantities. When onion juice is applied to the hair, blood circulation improves , as a result, it is easier for the hair to grow . Sulfur, in addition, has the ability to improve the production of collagen tissues, essential for hair growth.

You should know that hair grows from the hair follicles that are on the scalp, which needs good blood circulation to be stronger. Furthermore, onion has antibacterial properties that allow it to kill fungi and bacteria that live on the scalp and do not allow normal hair growth.

On the other hand, the onion juice prevents the weakening of the hair , since it strengthens it and prevents it from breaking. You can get very voluminous hair thanks to this natural onion remedy for hair that we now explain.

Steps to prepare and use onion juice to grow hair

The use of onion juice for hair is a natural, safe and effective method, without side effects (beyond the smell of the onion in the hair) or allergies, which helps hair grow faster and not only that but which helps prevent hair loss . This means that your hair will not only grow stronger and faster, but you will also lose less hair.

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To achieve your goal of growing hair, onion juice should be applied several times a day.

  1. You have to extract the juice from a couple of onions and apply it to the scalp with a light massage. It is very simple.You can use two or three onions: peel and cut into small pieces, then put them in the blender.
  2. You have to obtain the juice that you can then apply to the scalp directly with your hands or with the help of a cotton ball or gauze .
  3. Keep in mind that the smell of onion is quite strong, so we suggest that you apply this onion remedy to your hair at night or on the weekend, or use a good amount of perfume to disguise the aroma.
  4. You have to leave the onion juice on the scalp for at least half an hour . You can use a cap or a plastic bag so that the juice penetrates better into the skin.
  5. Then rinse with plenty of warm water and use a natural shampoo without chemicals. Repeat the procedure three times a week.

To complete the treatment, we recommend eating raw onion, perhaps adding it to salads. Some people mix onion juice with a little rum, let it sit overnight, and filter the liquid the next day before applying it to the scalp. You can also use a nonalcoholic recipe, mixing 1/4 onion juice with a tablespoon of honey. Then apply the mixture to your hair or drink it in the morning.

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