Every morning, you make the same gestures with the same face and now you want to change … and start with your gaze. Do not despair, we explain step by step how to make up your eyes to help you get the perfect look, both day and night. Take note!

You probably have several eyeshadows around the house that you hardly pay attention to. And basically you don’t because you don’t really know how to put on your eyes , do you? With so much brush, mascara , eyeliners and colors, in the end you get saturated and you end up always backsliding into a very basic eye look.

But don’t worry, the time has come to learn how to make up your eyes . And we will explain it step by step, solving all the doubts.

How to make up your eyes step by step?

To make up your eyes you have to take into account a few simple steps first. This is the order to follow:

  • First prepare the eyelid with an eye primer . This will fix the shadow better.
  • Apply the base color to the eyelid, preferably a light color.
  • Make up the eye with the rest of the eyeshadow colors .
  • Outline the eye with shadow or with a liquid or gel eyeliner .
  • Apply mascara

How to prepare the skin to make up the eyes?

Now we are going to delve a little more into how to make up your eyes by breaking down the steps. Before applying makeup, you have to prepare the skin. It is important that it is clean and well hydrated, so the makeup will last longer.

How to prepare your skin before applying eye makeup:

  • Wash your face with water and a cleansing gel. You can also use micellar water by applying it with a cotton pad. We recommend this Bioderma pack .
  • Dry your face with the help of a towel. Do it by tapping, never dragging.
  • Hydrate the face with your usual moisturizer. Wait for the skin to absorb it.
  • Now apply an eye primer on the eyelids.
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A trick : when applying the primer , or eye primer , use the ring finger, since it is the one that exerts the least force. Remember that the eyes are a delicate area of ​​the face, therefore, apply the product with gentle touches.

How to make up your eyes: learn to choose your primer or primer :

Eye primer is the first step in applying makeup, so it’s important to know which one to choose. It all depends on your skin type:

Oily or combination skin: mattifying undercoats, like this one from L’Oreal .
Dry or normal skin: moisturizing primers.

What is the makeup you need to make up your eyes?

You already know how to prepare your skin to make up your eyes. But what other products are you going to need? Aim!

For the eyelid:

  • Eyeshadows of different colors.
  • An illuminating type shadow.
  • Black shadow to outline.
  • Brushes to apply the shadows: one to apply the shadows, another to blend and another bevel.

You can also get a palette that includes different shades, including matte, nude, dark and illuminating shadow finishes. .

For the tabs:

  • A clear base coat or mascara base .
  • Eyelash mask.
  • Eyelash curler: but try not to abuse it.

For the eyebrows:

  • A small brush or gupillon to comb them.
  • Shadows to fill in the eyebrows.
  • A brush to apply the shadow.

How to highlight the eyes with makeup?

Before explaining how to apply eyeshadows , it is important to know how to highlight them. There are some very simple tricks that we can use. Here’s a list:

  • Keep Symmetrical Eyebrows : Well-groomed and symmetrical eyebrows help frame the look.
  • Highlight the brow bone : apply a light or highlighter shadow under the brow to highlight the eyes.
  • Apply white shadow near the tear to enlarge and highlight your gaze.
  • Apply a darker shade (brown, for example) to the top of the eyelid, below the brow bone. Apply it with semicircular movements.
  • Never forget mascara – it will really highlight your eye makeup.
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Another way to highlight your eyes with makeup is to choose the shade according to your eye color . There are shades that can highlight your look more than others.

Which shade to choose according to your eye color:

  • For blue or gray eyes : bronze, gold, beige, peach, orange, pink, black, purple or navy blue tones. This is the perfect eyeshadow palette for you .
  • For green eyes : lilac, burgundy, plum, green, brown undertones or pastel shades. This is the perfect palette for your eyes .
  • For brown eyes : blue, bronze, gold, coral, amber, pink or brown shades. This is our favorite palette for brown eyes .

How to make up your eyes with eyeshadow?

Now we go with the step by step to apply the different eyeshadows in order . Here are eight essential steps to learn how to do eye shadow makeup:

  • Choose at least three shade colors of similar shades. They try to go from light to dark.
  • Example: brown, nude and beige.
  • Apply the main color (the lightest) all over the mobile eyelid. From the inside out.
  • Apply the darkest color from the center of the eyelid outwards.
  • Blur this color. Try to get it degraded from less to more intensity.
  • Spread this shadow from the outside up just at the end of the eye.
  • Unify with the other shadow the two halves of the eyelid.
  • Apply a little white or highlighter shadow to the tear and under the brow bone.

How to use the eyeliner to make up your eyes?

We are going to give you an infallible trick to make the eyeliner last longer : before applying the liquid eyeliner , do it with the same color shadow.

Remember that the eyeliner is applied after you have made up your eyes with shadow. Therefore, the step by step to make up your eyes with eyeliner would be:

  • Using a bevel brush, draw a line flush with the top lashes.
  • For this first step you can use eyeshadow or a pointed pencil.
  • This first line will serve as a guide before applying the liquid eyeliner .
  • Shake the liquid eyeliner well and apply it on the line you have already made.
  • When you reach the corner of your eye, put your finger close to the temple. Stretch the skin of the face backwards.
  • Draw a fine upward line.
  • Join the line out of the corner of your eye and fill it in.
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Buy L’Oreal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim liquid eyeliner , the easiest to apply.

To outline the lower part of the eye, use pencil or shadows, never a liquid eyeliner.

A trick : if you have small eyes , apply the eyeliner flush to the lower lashes, from the middle of the eye out. If you have big eyes , apply the pencil to the entire lower water line, so it will look smaller.

How to make up your eyes with mascara?

To show off beautiful lashes, it is not necessary to apply 20 layers of mascara. One or two is enough. If you abuse the mascara, with so many layers, your lashes will weigh more and fall down.

Here is the step by step to make up your mascara eyes correctly:

  • Comb the eyelashes with a brush or gupillon .
  • Curl them with the eyelash curler. Do it gently and always before applying mascara.
  • Then apply the transparent tab mascara base.
  • Wait a few seconds for it to dry.
  • Then apply the mascara: do it by slightly lifting the eyelid.
  • Apply mascara from the base of the lashes outward. Do this by moving the brush from side to side to separate the lashes.
  • To make up the lower lashes, apply just a subtle touch of mascara.

One trick : if you want them to look a bit longer, apply a second coat of mascara only to the tips of your lashes.
Use the L’Oreal Paris Paradise Extatic mascara for a long and voluminous lash result.

How to make up your eyes taking care of your eyebrows?

The last step to complete your eye makeup is to also make up the eyebrows. Cover the small calvitas with shadow and try to make both eyebrows symmetrical. For it:

  • Brush them first and give them the desired shape.
  • Apply an eye shadow of a similar color to your eyebrows. Use specific eyebrow makeup for a much more natural result.
  • Fill in the gaps with fewer hairs.
  • Re-comb the eyebrow.

A trick : to fix your eyebrows you can finally apply a coat of transparent eyebrow fixer. If you don’t have it, you can also put a little lacquer on a brush and run it through your eyebrows.

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