How Dermaflash’s Peach Fuzz Remover Delivers the Best Dermaplaning Results for All Women


Although peach fuzz is not something you should worry too much about, it can be frustrating to deal with. Unlike men, women cannot effortlessly shave because it may cause pain, skin irritation, and visible regrowth. Therefore, it is essential to find an efficient hair removal method that works for you. Dermaplaning is a cosmetic procedure that skims vellus hair and dead skin cells off of the epidermis using an exfoliating blade. Its goal is to make your skin radiant, smooth, and youthful.

Who Can Benefit From Dermaplaning

You may have come across references made by celebrities about dermaplaning products on social media platforms. For example, Alex Mayo, Lizzo’s makeup artist, mentioned that he used Dermaflash Luxe on her for the Grammys. The cosmetic industry has seen an increased demand for dermaplaning procedures and products in recent years, and it’s now becoming more accessible thanks to DIY products like those offered by Dermaflash. 

All women, regardless of age and skin color, type, or tone can use dermaplane tools; however, individuals with open wounds, sun or wind burns, and acne should avoid it. It is particularly suitable for women with dark spots and dry skin. Additionally, if you have sensitive skin that is susceptible to rosacea and hyperpigmentation, consult a professional before using a peach fuzz remover at home.

Dermaplaning at Home

Dermaplaning at home using a peach fuzz remover allows you to save time and resources that you would have otherwise used to visit a dermatologist or esthetician. To do so, you must invest in the right tool to achieve excellent results. Dara Levy left her career in finance to build her med spa business, which offered dermaplaning. Her inspiration to create Dermaflash came from the need for an at-home dermaplaning option. Therefore, she created a device that provides comfort, safety, and treatment efficacy. 

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The smart designs of her peach fuzz remover tools make it hard to make mistakes while operating them. You can either use Dermaflash One, which is ideal for peach fuzz removal and exfoliation, or Dermaflash Luxe for exfoliation, anti-aging, and vellus hair removal. Before you operate a peach fuzz remover, you must charge it and then select the ideal vibration setting. Also, wash your face using your preferred pre-flash cleanser. Apply Dermaflash gently across your face in feathered motions to get rid of dead skin and vellus hair. Lastly, use a post-flash cream to moisturize.

The Outcomes of Using Dermaflash

Dermaflash does not interfere with the texture, growth, and color of facial hair because it does not affect the hair follicles. The treatment can improve your skin’s appearance and texture as it removes the dull upper layers, thus giving you a polished look. It also allows skincare products to permeate further into your skin, improving their effectiveness.

Although you will not likely experience side effects beyond mild dryness and slight redness, make sure to treat your face with the utmost care after the procedure and apply sunscreen diligently. 

How Often You Should Use Dermaflash

For the best results, you should develop a routine of using the peach fuzz remover once a week, using a different edge each time for safety and efficacy. The treatment takes between 5 and 10 minutes. Be careful not to over-exfoliate and damage your skin’s safety layer.

Dermaflash offers a painless, convenient, and cost-efficient dermaplaning treatment option from the comfort of your home. The high-quality product ensures that you have a fresh and smooth face at all times.

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