5 Best Strength Training Workout Routines For Beginners



Strength training refers to sets of exercises explicitly built to help you increase your endurance and strength. It’s essential to incorporate at least a few strength training exercises in your daily routine to work out your lower body, upper body and core. There is nothing better to improve stamina and keep you fit, so if you aren’t engaged in these exercises, it’s time to start right away! Strength training can look like a lot of hard work to someone who hasn’t tried it yet, but that is hardly something to be intimidated from. There are many strength training exercises for beginners to start with to prepare and guide you into more intense ones. Here are the five best strength training workout routines for beginners:


Dumbbells are a great strength building tool as they stimulate muscle growth. As a beginner, you can start with moderate weights weighing 4-5 kg. However, make sure you don’t put your body under too much pressure as you don’t want to suffer any muscle strains. Keep upgrading your weights at regular intervals to increase the difficulty levels of your strength training.


Squats are considered one of the best strength training exercises as they require a large amount of coordination between your upper body and lower body muscles. They increase endurance, strength and keep you from getting tired too quickly. Try out different squat variations like prisoner squat, humble squat, wall squat, side squat and more.


These mainly work your triceps, shoulders, arms and pectoral muscles. Pushups are a quick and effective strength training exercise as they improve muscular strength while simultaneously strengthening your core muscles and hamstrings. Mix up your pushups with variations like military pushup, sidekick pushup and more as you progress and get better.


4.Bicycle Crunches:

These are way more effective than regular crunches as the number of muscles engaged and stimulated varies vastly. They help strengthen your muscles by targeting your core and abs. Along with strength training, bicycle crunches are also perfect six-pack abs building exercises as they work out your obliques and help abdominal muscles become more visible.

5.Jumping Jacks:

Jumping jacks, also known as star jumps, can also be counted as a form of exercise that’s very good at building strength. These are very effective as they require heavy motion, which takes your body out of its usual range of movement. This increases agility, and practising it regularly keeps your energy levels up.

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