A hair can be short or long, fine or abundant, but one of the aspects that gives it the most beauty is its shine. A shiny and soft mane makes our hair look healthy and revitalized.

In this article we give you the fundamental keys to nourish your hair and take proper care of it, with the aim of making it look much brighter in a few days.

Brush it every day

Grandmothers used to recommend that you brush your hair at least 100 times before bed. Today this advice sounds like an anecdote to any story. However, this wise advice hides a scientific reality.

By brushing our hair repeatedly and gently we activate the circulation of the head. We also distribute the natural fat released by the scalp, so that we manage to hydrate each hair from the roots to the ends.

To do it in a healthy and effective way we should use a natural bristle brush. Since they are the most beneficial for our scalp and also those that provide a more pleasant massage.

We will comb from the forehead to the ends, and we will do the same also from the nape of the neck, which will give us a pleasant sensation of relaxation.

Two minutes a day will be enough and in a few days we will notice the incredible results.

Massaging the scalp

As we have said in the previous advice, massaging the scalp is vital to have a shiny hair. Another way to improve the circulation that reaches the hair and nourishes it in depth is to massage the scalp with a certain pressure. , which usually suffers greatly from the stresses of the day.

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We will press with all the fingers of both hands in the form of small circles, with pressure but without being painful, feeling how we mobilize the tissue that covers the head.

We will start in the forehead area and we will progress to the nape of the neck.

We can perform this massage at any time of the day, when we feel tension in the head or alternate it day after day with brushing the hair.

Apply coconut oil

  • Vegetable oil undoubtedly allow us to hydrate hair naturally, without adding to our heads the chemicals present in most masks and conditioners , which only guarantee a radiant appearance in the short term.
  • The problem with vegetable oils is that they are high in fat. And they can be excessive and give the hair a dirty and unkempt appearance.
  • The solution is found in coconut oil  since, despite its oily texture, it is very easily absorbed and regulates sebum naturally.
  • We can apply it before washing our hair or right after, with the hair still wet, only in the middle part and at the ends.
  • We will need very little quantity.
  • Next we will comb our hair so that the oil is well distributed.

Rinse it with vinegar

Another excellent home remedy is to use vinegar as a conditioner. Vinegar not only adds shine and nourishes the hair, but also regulates the natural pH that is usually affected by the use of chemical products.

We will use one part of apple cider vinegar for three parts of water as a conditioner . We will let it act for a minute and we will lighten our hair.

We should not worry about the smell, since it disappears once it is dry. However, if it bothers us a lot, we can add a few drops of essential oil to this conditioner.

Consume beneficial fats

Shiny hair is also the result of proper nutrition. The key to achieving this result is in the fats, but only in the beneficial ones, which are the ones that provide nutrients to the skin and hair.

Which are?

  • Cold extraction vegetable oils: olive, coconut, sesame, flax, wheat germ, sunflower, etc.
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Avocado
  • Yolk
  • Blue Fish
  • Fermented dairy containing its natural fat

Nor should we forget to drink enough water during the day , but always outside of meals. Hair is related to good kidney health, so drinking water will help us take care of ourselves on the inside and get shiny hair on the outside.

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