Unicorn eyeliner, magic reaches your eyes


Unicorn fever has spread across all sorts of objects, from accent accessories to even clothing, so of course, makeup couldn’t be left behind. The latest trend seen on social networks is the unicorn outline. Now we tell you everything about this peculiar look.

Although from the outset it may seem like the latest madness in the world of makeup, we have to admit that it is not as crazy as it seems . Think of an ideal makeup for a costume party , one that is feminine, unusual but with which you are equally beautiful. There, solved, the eyeliner of unicorn .

This fashion consists of simulating the characteristic horn of a unicorn in the outline of the eye. Either with the help of pastel colors or with the entire rainbow color palette, you just have to draw a spiral horn. If you prefer a simple design, you can make your unicorn eyeliner in just 2 colors. First draw a normal outlineAnd then, with the help of a finer eyeliner or a more striking finish, create small strokes that generate the sensation of surrounding the first line.

Ready! Ys you have your unicorn eyeliner . But as it is always better to see an example, we have collected the most beautiful designs to serve as inspiration.

As you may have observed, it is not a too simple technique since you must have a steel pulse and a mastery with color liners similar to that of Leonardo da Vinci with the brush. Give free rein to your imagination and combine your favorite colors , mix the matte finishes with the glitter and do not forget that the rest of your makeup is according to the unicorn look.

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well-lit skin , a lipstick in all pastel or maybe, even a headband that incorporates a real unicorn horn will help you become a unicorn. And if you want to get the total look like an expert would, follow in the footsteps of the great Makeup guru Michelle Phan who has created several tutorials to come up with the perfect unicorn makeup .

Oh! Is that in the world of beauty in general and makeup in particular, you just have to let our imagination take power to create the most incredible looks. But do not worry, if you are not a big fan of this type of fantasy liner , you can always go for the most traditional makeup. And if today you do not know how to put makeup on, ask our test and he will solve all your beauty questions in a single click .

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