Is it true that spicy food helps you lose weight?


Chili, hot paprika, ginger, chilli, chili, cayenne, tabasco … If you like spicy food, surely all these foods will be familiar to you and you will even enjoy just seeing them.

However, spicy food is not to everyone’s taste. There are many who can not with it and who also suffer stomach problems when consuming it . Today we will talk more in depth about that topic.

Also, you may have heard that “spicy food is good for weight loss . ” What is true behind this statement? Is it the right spice to lose weight? We explain it to you in the following article.

The relationship between spicy food and weight loss

First of all, we have to be very clear that not everyone assimilates spicy equally . This is something that you should check for yourself to regulate or even avoid its consumption, since, if you have a sensitive stomach or have a problem in the intestines, eating too much spicy may not be recommended.

In fact, some studies suggest that the capsaicin it contains can irritate the esophagus and favor the appearance of reflux. Therefore, we recommend that you always eat spicy food in moderation and, if you usually suffer from stomach problems, avoid it as much as possible.

Having made this warning, we turn to the issue at hand: can spicy food help us lose weight? Well, first of all, it is important to note that the only way to lose weight in a healthy way is to follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly.

No single food has the capacity to make us lose weight and the spiciness is no different. Now, this does not mean that spicy food cannot be our ally when it comes to losing weight . And it is that, combined with a balanced diet , it can help us enhance the effects of the diet.

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How can spicy food help us lose weight?

All spicy foods, like those mentioned above, contain capsaicin, a type of resin that acts as an excellent active ingredient in metabolism.

An article published in the journal Nutrients , in which all the studies on this substance to date were analyzed, concluded that in adequate amounts it can be very beneficial for metabolic problems (such as obesity). This is because, among other functions, it favors the metabolism of glucose, thus helping to reduce its levels.

On the other hand, it can also be helpful in alleviating fluid retention. Various research shows that it helps promote the elimination of sodium through the urine . Remember that excess salt (which contains sodium) is one of the causes of this problem.

We know that this does not directly have to do with weight loss, but this problem makes us look bloated . It may even seem like we have more weight than we actually have.

Finally, some studies show that the consumption of capsaicin produces a longer feeling of satiety . Thus, it can lead us to eat less (and especially avoid snacking between meals), contributing to weight loss.

The best spicy foods to lose weight

Having seen its properties, what type of spicy food should you include in your diet to lose weight? Below we recommend some to help you, but there are many more.

Take note of the healthiest:

  • Chilies or chillies : they are the ones that contain the most capsaicin and, consequently, the hottest.
  • Cumin: it itches much less, but it is very suitable to include in our meals (for example, with legumes).
  • Curry : Turmeric gives it its characteristic yellow color and contains small amounts of capsaicin, very suitable to include in our diet, without feeling the consequences of “very spicy” food.
  • Cayenne pepper : they  are usually marketed both in grain and in powder, so we can better control the quantities and thus include it in moderation in our meals.
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One last recommendation: capsaicin is responsible for the itching that this type of food usually produces. So the spicier, the more capsaicin it will contain . All in all, if you are not used to spicy, it may be better to go little by little: from lighter to stronger foods.

We hope you are encouraged to include spicy food in your diet and enjoy all its benefits. You have many delicious recipes . And if you combine it with sports or some exercise even better. Cheer up!

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