Makeup for blondes: the best tips to get a perfect blonde look


If you are blonde you are in luck because we are going to give you the best tips to know which colors of shadows, makeup, lipsticks and eyeliner and mascara are the ideal for you. All this will always depend on the tone of your skin, the color of your eyes and the shade of your blonde. Jot down all these tips!

Not all of us have it as easy when it comes to choosing makeup. The options vary depending on the type and tone of skin, the color of the eyes … In the specific case of blonde girls, they usually have to face the fact that it is not easy to choose a color that makes the tone stand out, usually pale, from the face. The difficulty lies in maintaining harmony between the chosen colors and the color of the skin.

In this case the makeup should be neither too dark nor too light, but natural, and too bright colors should be avoided . Now, not all blondes can apply the same shades . For example, matte leathers work best with bright colors. But if this were not enough, the color palette will also vary depending on the eye color, the skin tone …

Always bet on natural makeup

> Before applying makeup: use a green foundation or a light-colored concealer in the most sensitive areas, such as redness that appears around the nose. In this way, imperfections related to skin sensitivity, typical of blonde girls, will be corrected . We recommend Maybelline’s Master Camo concealer for redness, buy from Amazon for € 7.32 .
> Respect light skin tone.
> Choose a base that does not add color to the face (that is the function of the blush and lipstick) and that unifies the skin tone . Avoid too dark or even orange tones and choose light beige tones.
> Use liquid bases. This is Amazon’s top rated base. Buy on Amazon for € 5.12 .
> Use a blush in pinkish tones if you want to add some color to the face. We love Bourjois Fard Joues’ 10 Chataigne dorée shade. Buy on Amazon for € 6.90 .

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How to make up your eyes?

The choice of a shade to highlight the look will depend on the color of the eyes. For starters, it is not always recommended to use a shade of a shade similar to the color of the eyes because it can detract from the look. Once this basic rule is learned, it must be said that blonde girls can afford almost any shade .
Of course, you should always apply them in moderation and keep these tips in mind:

> If you are blonde with blue eyes: bet on salmon, pink, green, gray and mauve . As for the mask, black will highlight your look, just like brown or gray. On the other hand, the eyeliner better be gray or brown. We recommend the Maybelline The Blushed Nudes palette. Buy on Amazon for € 7.96.

> If you are blonde with green eyes: stick with pink, plum, gray and even brown . With any of them you will highlight the color of your eyes. As for the mascara, with brown you will show off a natural effect and with black you will give a more sophisticated appearance. The Burgundy Bar eyeshadow palette is the perfect one for you. Buy on Amazon for € 10.91 .

> If you are blonde with brown eyes: you can afford everything . However, the shades that suit you best are those of warm tones. The mask is preferable to be the color of the eyeliner you choose (black or dark brown). The advantage of opting for a dark color (for the mask and the pencil) is that you will give the impression that the iris is lighter.

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Which lipstick is the best for you?

To get more out of makeup, blonde girls should match the lipstick with the color of the cheeks . However, a darker shade for the lips always works well and this varies depending on the color of the skin.

> If you are blonde and fair skinned: use a lip gloss or a bluish pink lipstick. Apricot or peach shades will also suit you. Only the most matte skins can afford the intense reds , if they want to harden the face. The Foxtsport pack of 5 lipsticks in shades of pink, orange and nudes is perfect for you. Buy on Amazon for € 12.98 .
> If you are blonde and with matte skin:use shades of pink, scarlet or raspberry. Avoid the beiges, because they will be too plastered with your skin tone. We love the Believer shade of Maybelline’s super Mate Ink bars. Buy on Amazon for € 6.36 .

The season of the year also influences

Depending on the moment we will choose one makeup or another. Although it is true that, in general, blonde girls can afford less extravagance than brunettes . During the day, a “natural” or “washed face” effect suits them better , but at night they can dare with metallic colors .

On the other hand, depending on the seasons of the year, they can vary by expanding the color palette:
In summer : when the sun’s rays illuminate the hair waves, take advantage of beige or peach tones.
In winter: When the face looks a little paler, the colors should imitate the skin tone, more or less, although tending to be a little more vivid to achieve a good appearance.

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What colors are for you?

All cool shades! Clear, metallic, pink, green, blue or gray, for example . When choosing, it will be necessary to take into account the different elements mentioned in the previous points (skin color, eye color …).

In short: if you are blonde …

> You must choose colors based on skin and eye tones, and prioritize pastel shades .
> You should not go out of cold tones .
> Avoid too cold tones, so as not to harden the features and age the face.
> Opt for natural makeup for day to day . Reserve the most vivid colors for the evenings.

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